My favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. I read many of the Oz books as a kid and I collect “Oz” memorabilia; copies of the books, figurines, books about the books, etc.

My favorite is my “ruby slippers” pin which lives on the lapel of a beloved red jacket. They are a reminder to me that so much of the time, when I am searching for something – a way through a problem, an answer, a new client, inspiration – it may be that I already possess what I am searching for. I just haven’t learned how to access it yet.

In case you don’t remember or don’t know the story, Dorothy is on a quest to get home to Kansas to her beloved aunt and uncle. She wears the ruby slippers throughout her journey across the land of Oz. On this journey she goes through all kinds of dangers – poppy fields, an audience with Oz, the Great and Terrible, capture by the Winged Monkeys and enslavement in the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle.

On this journey, she has many adventures, makes several life long friends,  discovers her own strengths and finally, she learns that the key to returning to Kansas is in the slippers that have been on her feet all along.

I find this very comforting, especially when I am feeling overtaken by frustration and despair. I worry that I will lose a commission, make a big mistake or fail in some other way. The ruby slippers are a reminder to look inward; to ask myself, “What is it that I am carrying that holds the key? What hidden power is there in some quality that I already have and take for granted?”

Do you have something that helps you in similar circumstances? I would love to hear about it.

Road to the Future

Road to the Future