Small Changes in Perspective

Karen Singer WatercolorWhat do you do when you feel stuck? When you keep trying to solve the same problem or to make something change, and it just won’t budge.

When this happens, I try to remember what I learned from picking raspberries. My aunt has an amazing garden, and when she is out of town, she asks me to go pick the fruit. So I drive over there. I go to the bushes but all I see is leaves and thorns. Where are the raspberries?

If I am feeling rushed, I will conclude that they just aren’t there.

However, if I remember to slow down, something changes. I move my head just slightly – maybe to the side, maybe up, maybe down. Going slowly is the key. As I move, I see them – a little jewel of red hiding under a leaf. Maybe there are a couple more. Slowly I move a little more – I spot another. Little by little, I fill the bucket this way.

I try to remember this whenever I feel stuck. It seems to help whether the problem involves people, my artwork or my computer.

Go slowly, make very small adjustments, and then look again. Take time to assess and observe. Change your perspective. Move. Look at the situation from a completely different place.

Karen Singer Watercolor 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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