Stalled Campaign?

I talk a lot about “donor forethought”, urging  fundraisers to budget for a recognition wall in tandem with goal planning. A design that creates a portrait of your organization’s core identity will attract positive attention and help you raise funds. This one step enables a non-profit to use the design for the donor wall as a visual aid in raising funds.

Okay, but what if that boat was missed?  You are in a campaign and it is stalled. What do you do?   It turns out that this method can be used to re-energize a stalled campaign!

My client, Capital Caring, a hospice in the DC area, had been in a campaign for several years. They had reached their goal, but then the expenses came in higher than planned. On top of that, the Recession hit, and going back to their donors became much harder.

The design for the donor wall changed the conversation. By capturing the way stakeholders envision their community and Capital Caring’s role within it, the design revitalized the perception of the project.

Featured prominently at two big events, a business breakfast and the annual gala, it opened up new conversations and inspired increased support from both old and new donors.


The symbolism throughout the mural was directly inspired by thoughts and feelings shared at a brainstorming session with staff, board members and donors.

This process strengthened the linkage between the community’s passion for the Capital Caring’s mission and their willingness to provide the necessary funds.


The completed mural provides a vibrant, colorful welcome at the hospice foyer. Just today, Cheryl Wearing of Capital Caring told me, “I hear that everyone who comes into the center is awestruck with the beautiful tile wall! “

Call me today at 215-849-7010 to discuss your specific needs.

How have you dealt with a stalled campaign?  



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