Your mom is overweight, and your dad is starting to forget things

Great post by photographer, Peter Blanchard that talks about evidence-based art research – research that demonstrates how certain kinds of art can have a true positive impact on health and quality of life.

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No, this isn’t a “your mom” joke, and my blog has not been hacked and taken over by teenage pranksters.  I chose the title because these things are inevitable.  Aging, illness, injury . . . they happen to everyone.

I made a statement in my recent video that everyone will end up in the hospital sooner or later, either for yourself or attending a loved one.  Yes, even you.

Why am I talking about this on a photography blog?  I’m talking about it because several years ago I learned that I, a simple nature photographer, had at my fingertips the tools to make a difference.  I learned that much of the art I was already creating was in alignment with the principles of Evidence-Based Art research – research demonstrating that art with specific elements can have a very real and tangible positive impact on the quality of life.

Can this…

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