Donor Gifts & Room Naming Plaques

Upon completion of the donor wall, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School commissioned us to design and fabricate complementary room naming plaques and donor gifts.

We believe that when you have an image that resonates, keep using it. Reinforce the impact by reiterating the imagery. Think of the donor wall as a branding system. Use it on room naming plaques, promotion materials such as donor gifts, thank-you notes, annual reports, etc.

In Christianity, cherry trees symbolize the sweetness of character that derives from good works, encouraging the Good Counsel community to fall in love with service of God. The tree and its blossoms were chosen for the mural not only for symbolic meaning but also in recognition of the cherry tree that stood in the Senior Courtyard on the Wheaton campus.

Image 11

Good Counsel Capital Campaign Donor Wall

A series of Naming Plaques are located at entryways throughout the performing arts center.




Donor Gifts including a cherry blossom tile and stand, and a set of watercolor note cards that were presented to donors at the dedication event.


Donor gifts that are displayed stimulate conversation, leading to the owner spreading word about the organization and their involvement.  For this reason, we consider gifts like this an additional marketing and motivational tool.


Plus, sometimes the presentation of a truly thoughtful donor gift can lead to a stronger and deeper connection, inspiring increased giving.

Want us to find symbolic imagery for your organization? Call today:  215-849-7010

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