Donor Recognition Mural

November was National Hospice Month, a time to honor the care giving heroes who make a remarkable difference in the lives of patients and the families they serve.

Our client, Capital Caring has provided this compassionate care for more than thirty years and opened a an in-patient facility in Aldie VA.

DonorWallKaren Singer

The mural functions as donor recognition, but it also provides a vibrant welcome in the entrance foyer. It is our hope that while providing a reflection on life’s journey, it provides a deflection of personal pain.

The mural depicts a birds eye view landscape featuring an undulating river (suggestive of the Shenandoah) and symbolic of “the river of life.” The grassy areas represent the horse farms and the rolling countryside of Loudoun County. In the background are the Shenandoah Mountains and the Washington DC skyline. In addition to the recognized regional landscape, the mural contains a great deal of symbolism.


The sailboat and kayaks represent a safe crossing. The adirondack chairs represent repose, calmness and peace. The horizontal border tiles depict stages of the life of a lotus flower, symbolizing radiance of spirit as well as transition.


The labyrinth symbolizes a grounding spiritual pathway, and also refers to the labyrinth planted on the grounds.

We delve deeply into our client’s culture to create artwork that becomes a visual mission statement. In turn, this sparks an emotional connection between donor and the organization.

This connection inspires giving: People literally stop, look and ask,

“How do I get on the wall?”

If you want to raise more funds, give me a call today 215-849-7010


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