Reflections on the Baltimore AFP Conference

Lisa and I met some terrific people at the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference!  Clients and friends, and new acquaintances who walked into our booth and just got excited about the art and what it can do for the fundraising process. Very energizing!

Here are a few tidbits paraphrased from the trio of amazing speakers: Whoopi Goldberg, Seth Godin and Isabel Allende!

Whoopi Goldberg:

  • There are always gonna be boneheads in the world. If you are not, teach your kid to not be a bonehead.
  • For fundraisers, thanking people is the other half of the job.
  • To understand why people give, ask them.

Seth Godin:

  • Art is when we do something that might not work, but we dare to do it anyway.
  • To do it, you will need to quiet the “lizard brain”-the heckler voice in your head.
  • It is a chance to do something amazing – to be human, vulnerable, real.

Isabel Allende:

  • Generosity is like love, a natural renewable resource.
  • When in doubt, ask yourself, what is the most generous thing I can do in this case?
  • Education is the first step in empowerment.
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