Everlasting Evergreens


“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul”

– Henry David Thoreau

Myths, legends, and folktales from diverse cultures around the globe recognize evergreens as a significant element used in winter solstice celebration.

The Winter Solstice is considered the first celestial holiday in the year-long seasonal cycle which encompasses the Earth’s journey around the Sun.

It occurs on or around December 21st, and is the first day of winter. It is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

The evergreen symbolizes endurance. Because of its greenery, it symbolizes life in the dead of winter-bringing hope and promise of better times to come.


When creating Arden Theatre’s donor wall, “New Home In Old City”, our studio used the evergreen symbol to great effect. You can see here that the trees ground the piece.

Because Arden Theatre’s mission is “to bring to life great stories by great storyteller”, it’s fitting that the theatre’s own story shines through their capital campaign mural. The theatre is named after Shakespeare’s Arden forest from “As You Like It”.

In a series of meetings with staff and board members, this imagery combined with planet, stars, and clouds was refined and clarified. Thus the mural embodies the themes of roots, expansion, and endurance. This timeless message holds a lot of meaning for the theatre.

We respect the power of symbolism. When creatively used-in a donor wall for instance-symbols touch people’s hearts and minds. They ignite possibility and infuse your campaign with meaning and substance.

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